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Whether an athlete is injured or just looking to prevent injuries, our goal is to identify biomechanical deficiencies that have been proven to lead to injury.  This is a very evidence based approach that blends science, medical knowledge, and strengthening to make an overhead athlete’s body more efficient thus reducing the amount of force that an athlete places on his or her shoulder and elbow.  Our programs are based on individual needs, not a “one size fits all” program, which is done by our exclusive Throwing Evaluation.  


We have designed an evaluation to truly asses an athlete’s entire body in order to determine any weak links that may produce abnormal force patterns in the body.  The Thrower’s evaluation is comprised of the best evidence that has been shown to relate to injuries in throwers.  


About our program:

  • Conducted by our Certified Athletic Trainer that has over 20 years experience in collegiate and professional athletics and lectures on overhead athlete injuries  

  • Evidence based-we are constantly reviewing the latest research

  • Individually based-the program will be based on the needs of the athlete 

  • Our program and experience gives us the ability to work around injured areas without risk or complication

  • Education-we want our athletes to understand their bodies and how to manage themselves as they age and develop

  • Age appropriate-our programs are based on fundamental movement patterns and long term athletic development (LTAD) programs that require a foundation.  These models are the basis for all athletic development and our Certified Athletic Trainer holds a certification in junior development.




Our ultimate goal is to prevent injuries related to overuse and repetitive motions that occur with overhead athletes!  These injuries are not just prevented by a standard “arm care” program but require a total body approach.



Whether you or your overhead athlete is returning from injury, trying to be preventative, or just wanting to improve their game, we have a solution for you.  Contact us for more information and get started today.

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