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An absolute identity of TRM is our belief in education.  Being a part of the future of our young professionals as they travel on their journey is vital to the organic makeup of our crew, our patient’s stories, and our vision.  We are proud to offer a place for students in search of a clinical rotation, internship, or observational hours.  We believe that we do a really good job at this, but don’t take our word for it….


Alix Arnold,

S-DPT, UKMC Physical Therapy



         Because of the 201 family, I feel extremely prepared for physical therapy school.  I was able to learn things that contributed to my patient interaction skills, time management, leadership skills, confidence, and education. My time working as a 201 tech is so valuable to me! They feel like family!

Thomas Kidd,

LAT, MAT, ATC, Seasonal Athletic Trainer, Seattle Seahawks



         Because of the diverse and experienced staff at 201, I was able to learn from

all the different aspects that form an efficient sports medicine team.

         201 brings a team of bright minds together to help create individualized programs that optimize rehabilitation. As a former Arkansas Athletic Training graduate student who had the opportunity to shadow and learn from some of Arkansas’ best medical professionals, it was truly a privilege to receive a clinical rotation at 201. I was beyond lucky to have the chance to work and learn with the staff. There help in advancing my professional knowledge is one of the key reasons I am currently working at my location.



Eric Schwartz,

ATC, LAT, MAT. Head Athletic Trainer of DC United Academy  


Matt Baltensperger,

PT, DPT, Michael Johnson Performance 



         201 was a rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable experience that provided a conductive environment to my development into a physical therapist.



Jordan Fust,

PT, DPT, ATC, Aureus Travel PT

          201 was an amazing clinical that will always have a special place in

my heart.  The people there are amazing, challenged me daily, and

allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

         My two years as a tech at 201 were not only an eminent help in my professional career, but also helped me grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Having the privilege of working alongside professionals who cared deeply for their patients, as well as their own personal growth, encouraged me to be my best and launched me into pursuing a career that I truly love.

Haley Reyenbeau,

S-PTA, Encompass Health 





Penny Head,


Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Physical Therapy 

          As one of their former DPT instructors, I am extremely proud of the

learning environment that Andy and Jerrica have established at 201. Not only do they have an excellent facility, but these two have also developed a

remarkable program for student clinical affiliations. In addition to development

of evaluation and treatment skills, the clinicians at 201 emphasize clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice for students. A clinical affiliation at 201

will challenge a student not only to rise to the immediate occasion, but also to aspire to be a lifelong learner!


Damon Reel,

ATC, LAT, MAT. Minor League Athletic Trainer Arizona Diamondbacks 



         My experience as a student at 201 set me up for success early in my career. The staff has created an amazing learning environment for personal and professional development. Their mentorship has had a big impact on my life and career.

If you are a student or faculty looking for some more information about this sweet rotation, contact

Andy at




Designed to assess an athlete’s entire body in order to determine any weak links that may produce abnormal force patterns in the body.


Each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step?


Pool workouts allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury. 


We cover all areas of golf swinging biomechanics to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personal program. 


Non-contact situations account for nearly 70% of serious knee ligament injuries. It is our belief that these non-contact knee ligament injuries are preventable.


A core identity of 201 is our belief in education. We are proud to offer a place for students in search of a clinical rotation, internship, or observational hours.

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