We are pleased to offer a unique experience to our patients and clients for postoperative care, performance/fitness, and injury recovery.  Our programs are truly based on the best evidence available and are designed specifically to our patient’s/client’s goals and needs.  


Benefits to aquatic programs post operatively:

  • Decreased muscular activation which reduces pain and risk to repairs

  • Warmth of water decreases pain and allows for greater relaxation

  • Water massage to relax guarded musculature and increase tissue mobility

  • Can often be performed earlier postoperatively then traditional therapy

  • Increased circulation

  • Weightless environment reduces stress



Performance and Fitness

Pool workouts for athletes allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury.  The Hydroworx pool offers a built in treadmill with large resistance jets that can be adjusted to various speeds and resistance as well as an adjustable water depth allowing for more or less buoyancy and weight bearing.  The research is very compelling in regards to the benefit and utilization of an aquatic fitness program.


  • Pregnancy weight management programs

  • Weight loss and management

  • Supplemental training

  • Functional Training

  • Increased cardio without the stress to joints and soft tissue

  • Continued training while injured

After a hard workout, treat yourself a deep penetrating water massage to decrease lactic acid build-up in overworked muscles.  This is a great feature for overall pain management and recovery enhancement.


Injury Recovery:

Aquatic based programs after an athletic injury have been clinically proven to be an important part of the recovery process.  The following outcomes have been associated with aquatic programs and athletic injuries:    

  • Increased mobility and strength 
  • Maintaining fitness levels

  • Decreased swelling

  • Pain Relief


The applications and benefits of an aquatic program are endless.  Please contact us for more information regarding Hydroworx pool and associated programs.




Designed to assess an athlete’s entire body in order to determine any weak links that may produce abnormal force patterns in the body.


Each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step?


Pool workouts allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury. 


We cover all areas of golf swinging biomechanics to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personal program. 


Non-contact situations account for nearly 70% of serious knee ligament injuries. It is our belief that these non-contact knee ligament injuries are preventable.


A core identity of 201 is our belief in education. We are proud to offer a place for students in search of a clinical rotation, internship, or observational hours.

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