When life deals you surgery, allow the crew at 201 to develop your own, personalized path to recovery.  Our post-operative rehabilitation team, made up of physical therapists and athletic trainers, can help guide you in overcoming this temporary barrier in your life.  Each day after your surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step??  We want to walk alongside you in your journey to recovery and guide you through any questions or concerns that you have along the way.  These are just a few of the common surgeries that walk through our door:

  • Rotator cuff repair

  • Shoulder labral repair

  • Joint replacements

  • UCL reconstruction 

  • Carpal tunnel release 

  • Cervical and lumbar spine operations

  • Hip labral repair 

  • ACL reconstruction 

  • Knee meniscus repairs and removals

  • Ankle reconstruction

  • Achilles repair



If you are preparing for any of these or other types of surgeries and are interested in a family of professionals to walk alongside you in your journey, please feel free to contact us.  Each patient has their own story that lead to the surgery and we would love the opportunity to meet you and be able to hear that story.  At 201, our crew can help you restore your motion, your strength, your daily life, and the active you.  Again, each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you.  Give us a shout.

At 201, we also provide preventive services.  Not all people that need physical therapy have just had a surgery.  There are many times where physical therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation can help prevent surgery.  If you have found yourself seeking a solution to your pain, regardless of location, come see if our physical therapy crew can offer an answer.




Designed to assess an athlete’s entire body in order to determine any weak links that may produce abnormal force patterns in the body.


Each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step?


Pool workouts allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury. 


We cover all areas of golf swinging biomechanics to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personal program. 


Non-contact situations account for nearly 70% of serious knee ligament injuries. It's our belief that these non-contact knee injuries are preventable. 


A core identity of 201 is our belief in education. We are proud to offer a place for students in search of a clinical rotation, internship, or observational hours.

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