201 is the only facility in the state that offers TPI and K-Vest. 

At the Shoulder Center of Arkansas, individuals are placed through a complete array of tests usually reserved for the top, most elite golfers in the world.  By assessing a "total picture" of your body, swing, and equipment, our team will recommend a program that will seamlessly integrate into your existing PGA or LPGA professional's instruction to help you optimize your performance.


Our team members are certified through the Titleist Performance Institute along with certification on the only K-Vest system in the state of Arkansas. We offer the most comprehensive evaluations around utilizing professionals specialized in a variety of injury prevention, evaluation, recovery, and total body conditioning.



  • K-VEST'S cutting-edge technology enables professionals to stay at the forefront of the very competitive golf performance industry. K-VEST provides easily customizable technology to improve swing efficiency in golfer's from all levels. Changing movement patterns has never been this easy to deliver!

  • K-TRAINER allows professionals to select from a diverse set of customizable exercises and assessments that can be instantly loaded into a client's training program. There is complete freedom to select the optimal number of repetitions and duration time each client requires to accurately maintain a posture or perform a motion. Once a program is loaded, the software monitors every motion and records each time a repetition is completed successfully. Every exercise is easily customizable to meet your diverse needs.

www.k-vest.com | www.mytpi.com

Our Commitment To You

Our team has over 30 years combined experience at the collegiate and professional levels. We have many notable junior, high school, collegiate, PGA, and LPGA professionals that have worked through our program, many of whom have seen a significant increase in their statistics on their respective levels. We are committed to providing our clients with the tools to make them more efficient, healthy, and powerful by utilizing the latest in technology and research. We strive to create team cohesiveness and support during our workouts and through competition while continuing to work toward our ultimate goal of mobility, power, and stamina. The program will be created and specifically tailored for you.




Designed to assess an athlete’s entire body in order to determine any weak links that may produce abnormal force patterns in the body.


Each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step?


Pool workouts allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury. 


We cover all areas of golf swinging biomechanics to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personal program. 


Non-contact situations account for nearly 70% of serious knee ligament injuries. It is our belief that these non-contact knee ligament injuries are preventable.


A core identity of 201 is our belief in education. We are proud to offer a place for students in search of a clinical rotation, internship, or observational hours.

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